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Gertrude has a regal air that demands attention. As part of the “Party Animals” series, Gertrude is dressed up, made up, and ready for action. Gertrude comes with a removable crown because she needs her beauty rest.

Gertrude is now living in downtown Austin 🙂
Paper mache, acrylic, polymer clay, resin, tin whatnots, wood, vintage broach and frame

The Evolution of Gertrude

Meet the “real” Gertrude. I met her at the Austin Zoo. If you’ve never been you must go – they take such good care of the animals. And if you have been but it’s been a while, they are constantly changing and updating so it’s a new experience every time. I met Gertrude in the petting zoo. We chatted for a bit and I fed her and she made me laugh – I knew I just had to sculpt her. I tried to capture her real paint job but decided she wanted to be all white. I don’t know if that’s her real name or not but she was a Gertrude to me – isn’t she just a gem 🙂

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