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Daisy should have a “Welcome” sign around her neck! She is like the best friend you just met and the sweet soul that will greet you at the end of a long day.

Daisy is currently available! Contact me for details!
Paper mache, acrylic, vintage wood frame, thrift store painting, fabric, wire, resin, wood

The Evolution of Daisy

From the moment I saw that vintage painting in Goodwill – I knew there had to be a mule or a donkey bursting from the field of flowers. It wasn’t until I was well into the sculpture and took that first composite pic that I realized the frame has horse shoes carved all the way around it – isn’t that cool? I love it when stuff like that happens 🙂

Daisy will be a part of the “Zeal of 10” show at Art for the People in May – June 22,  part of the West of 10 annual regional tour sponsored by Big Medium. Come out and support local artists!

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