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Austin is shedding his skin. His giraffe spots no longer define him. It’s been a long journey, but he’s learned to vanquish his enemies and embrace his creative spirit. Austin feels free to be himself.

Austin is now living in downtown Austin 🙂
Paper mache, acrylic, vintage wood tray from India, fabric (interior structure), wire, resin, wood

The Evolution of Austin

Where would a giraffe who didn’t feel like a giraffe live? Austin of course – where you can be yourself. The city of Austin has long been a stronghold of independent spirit and creative expression. In a world of giraffes, be an Austin. Austin will be a part of the “Zeal of 10” show at Art for the People in May – June 22,  part of the West of 10 annual regional tour sponsored by Big Medium. Come out and support local artists!

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