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delilah - queen of the garden.

Hey there Delilah, sniffing round the garden. You tend the bounty with stealth and grace. Mind the leaves and pull the weeds. Take what you’d like but leave some for me.

Delilah is currently available! Contact me for details!
Paper mache, acrylic, vintage rose frame, fabric (interior structure), wire, glass beads, resin, wood

The Evolution of Delilah

Delilah went through so many changes of clothes! From the beginning I had plans for a beautiful sunset in her ears but she would have none of that. “Queen of the Garden!” she exclaimed! And so it was.

Delilah will be a part of the “Zeal of 10” show at Art for the People in May – part of an annual regional tour sponsored by West of 10. Come out and support local artists!

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