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cooper the stowaway.

Cooper began his life at sea as a stowaway on the S.S. Shenemere out of England. Always up for an adventure, his travels have taken him around the world where he has won the hearts of travelers near and far.

Cooper is currently available! Please contact me for details!
Media Sculpture, paper mache, acrylic, wood crate, fabric, wire, wood, metal

The Evolution of Cooper

Cooper was inspired by a dear friend of mine – she and her family sold their belongings and set out to see the world on the sailing vessel Shenemere. Their adventures are more South Pacific right now and they’ve been on their adventure for just over a a year. Cooper seemed more of a proper gent with his hat a tie so from England is where he began his travels 🙂

Cooper will be a part of the “Zeal of 10” show at Art for the People part of the West of 10 annual regional tour sponsored by Big Medium.

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