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nelly the space bunny.

Nelly is one smart bunny. She feels confined by society’s desire to put her in a dress and be a nice girl – she wants to go to space. She wants to see the world from a different perspective.

Nelly is currently available! Contact me for details!
Mixed Media Sculpture, paper clay, epoxy clay, acrylic, fabric, wooden frame, wire, wood, metal

The Evolution of Nelly

Nelly was actually inspired by the Men in Black (MIB) movie. I loved the scene where Will Smith was taking his test to be part of the group and he shot the little girl holding the Quantum Physics book. I see Nelly as escaping to her room to dream of space, travel and getting the hell out of her small town. NeptuneArtPrints was kind enough to give permission to use his “Southern Hemisphere” print as part of the design.

Nelly will be a part of the “Zeal of 10” show at Art for the People part of the West of 10 annual regional tour sponsored by Big Medium.

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