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Artist's Statement

I like for my work to tell a story. I am inspired by people I meet, places I have been, funny situations, or even a thrift store gem. My pieces seldom come out as I envisioned, partly because they begin to take on a personality of their own and end up dictating to me exactly what they want to be.

Not Taxidermy

I don’t consider my work to be taxidermy – my creations are story tellers, they have something to say. I strive to evoke a sense of whimsy and invite the viewer to come closer and imagine the world these creatures come from.

I start with a wire and wood form and build out with paper mache. The paper mache is my favorite part of the process – it can be shaped and carved and in general, this is when the magic happens. I do not make molds or mass produce – the joy for me is in seeing each piece evolve. I may repeat an animal, color palette or a style but no two are ever going to be identical because each one is sculpted and painted by hand – by me!

In 2018 I got the nerve to show one of my pieces in an awesome Facebook community called The Spacewood Art Society On The Other Side of Weird. It was well received so I thought “what if?” New Year’s Eve, I sent in my first show entry at Art for the People and wallah!! My first three pieces sold! It’s amazing what a supportive group of fellow artists’s can do for your spirit 🙂

I like to think my work brings a little joy or at least a little humor to the day. It’s not for everyone, but for someone, it’s everything.

Proper Care & Feeding of Your Lucky Penny Creation

I use the highest quality materials I can and do my very best to make sure each piece is sturdily constructed and sealed properly with a water based varnish. I use very high quality hardware so you won’t have to worry about wonky hanging issues. Clean the creature itself with a good dusting and an occasional damp (not wet) lint free fabric and your creation should last a lifetime!

In The Studio

I liken my working style to the Nutty Professor – everything has a place, I just have to remember where that place is! A constant flow of order and chaos, I like to work in both. I like having all of my supplies within reach – I’m super lucky to have dedicated space.

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