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A little more about the artist

I live in an awesome community just outside of Austin called Spicewood – affectionately and appropriately also known as Spacewood. It’s very relaxed and away from the hustle and bustle. We are lucky enough to call it our home and Lake Travis is our playground. I live here with two teenagers and a dog name Batgirl. Our cat named River Chicken (he found my son as a tiny flea-ridden kitten at a bar-b-que cook off – hence the name) has recently departed – he still has our hearts.

I LOVE Halloween – I love fabricating costume pieces, I love hosting our annual Halloween party, I love friends getting together and having fun! I love movies – especially Super Hero, Romcom and Com of any kind. We own Princess Bride, Napoleon Dynamite and Zoolander I & II and they are all in pretty frequent rotation.

Batgirl & River Chicken

Halloween Through the Years

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